“A fearless, passionate, angry book... the story of how the Kennedy brothers tried to change the world.”

 – The New York Times Book Review


“David Talbot’s riveting account of the Kennedy administration is heavy drama... brilliant journalism.”

 – People


“Bracing... full of shocking moments and juicy tidbits.”

Los Angeles Times


“A gripping narrative... Based on interviews with many RFK intimates, Talbot lays out Robert Kennedy’s suspicions of a conspiracy in the 1963 assassination, how he dealt with them, and the many goings-on during the Kennedy presidency that made those suspicions plausible to him.”

 – San Antonio Express-News


“Pulitzer-Prize bait... a manic and near-perfect tale of the Kennedy brothers... Instead of creating yet another conspiracy theory tome, Talbot peels away the political layers of the underworld dealings, upper-crust connections, treachery, the Kennedy splendor, and rumor after rumor, and shows us America’s Camelot in a brand-new light.”

 – San Francisco Weekly


“Meticulously researched and evocatively written... full of powerful and ironic parallels between the political issues of then and now... Talbot has a gift for blending the personal with the political.”

– Irish Voice